Disabled Peoples Film Production group

over 200 disabled people teaming up to produce broadcast quality productions with their script writing, filming, post production skills        

Truly active as of August 2023, due to fact we all own professional kit     

We are linking up disabled film makers worldwide, with the power to work together as a massive professional production crew. 

We all have massive creative power, and the facilities in our pocket to produce quality films that can be sold to the major broadcasters.  

A professional film requires a writer, director, phone or camera operator, and support from a production crew. All these are available via our group. All stages of production can also be shared with an identifier protecting the footage until it has been successfully sold to a broadcaster. 

Complete ownership of the films are decided on the very first signed agreement, which cannot be changed in any way. No form of ownership can be acquired by participation in a project. 

So, if you are disabled & like this, join our facebook group, which has been in development for four years, the Disabled Peoples Film Production.  


Our very first film, but think of it as a short scene  

21st August 2023